Our services

International Development

Our goal

Help you make the right strategic decisions to penetrate your target markets, and provide pragmatic support in the field.

Our market studies

They are not generic sector analyses, but rather a specialized analysis to know if your services / products have a potential market. This involves benchmarking, interviewing with buyers, etc.

Our Strategic Recommendations

allow you to position your offer according to market expectations and to have a prospective vision for the next 3 to 5 years.

Plan of Action

results from strategic recommendations with the objective of developing your turnover for the long term; a first order is just the beginning of the adventure!


via our local networks and our databases which are crucial to your development. We target business partners suited not only to your needs but also to the size and personality of your business.

Commercial monitoring

Follow-up meetings after an on-site operation; crucial for optimizing the previous steps and pursuing potential prospects until an agreement is signed.


Necessary for setting up with your local partner, allowing you to establish your brand in the market and ensure product rotation

Your local representation

Thanks to our offices around the world, we can provide you with local representation for the long-term to ensure that your interests are well taken care of.

International communication

Our goal :

Essential to export strategy, we create or adapt communication and promotion of your company and your products in respect to the cultural expectations of the target markets.

Visual identity and brand creation

are the pillars on which we collaborate with you to help you define and achieve your brand identity.


that we create or adapt to be in line with markets and regulations.

Promotional campaigns

created or adapted with specific messages for local consumers.

Adaptation of your campaigns

managed through communication tools (brochures, POS, technical sheets, etc.)

Digital communication architects

Website creation and social media management.

Media management

by taking photos, making promotional films, and buying advertising space with our partners in France and abroad.

Organization of your events

to promote your products and services in the destination market.

Participation in trade fairs

With logistical support and helping you manage your stand.

Collaborative export

Our goal :

Developing in distant and complex markets is a difficult challenge for small and medium-sized companies; working with your peers as partners in the same sector allows you to gain visibility by sharing costs and experiences, and allows you to promote a uniquely/authentic national or regional offer in your sector:

Recruitment of export group participants

which we take care of, thanks to the support of professional federations or sectoral organizations.

Export diagnosis

of participants, providing the group with a defined offer for the target market, as well as positioning and development strategy for the next 3-5 years.

Marketing and communication tools

designed internally and adapted to the positioning of the group (name and logo of the group, brand guidelines, website, leaflet, roll-up, etc.)

Search for prospects

and commercial follow-up of the target market are done throughout the year with an annual group trip to a fair or event organized on behalf of the group.

Shared logistics

Is an attractive service to buyers, as they can place orders from just one member of the group.

Promotional actions

for consumer goods, once on the market. In-store events, with the local media and purchasing advisors, are set up to promote the products and build brand awareness, therefore ensuring product rotation.

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